Stat-Gun GS-1000 Auto Body Static Eliminator by Wedge Clamp

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 Stat-Gun WS-1000 Auto Body Static Eliminator by Wedge Clamp

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Static has been a big problem for automobile painters for a long time, until now.

Perfect Paint Jobs Are On The Way…

Static attracts airborne particles to the  vehicle paint surface which requires re-dos sanding, undesirable appearance and and a host of other time consuming procedures.

Static creates real problems besides attracting dirt to the paint surface. Static prevents  blending today’s high metallic finishes properly, creating blotchy appearance and Halos at the blend preventing the metallic particles from laying down as they should.

No more expense and time consuming procedures wiping down the paint surface with anti-static material wipes etc.  The Stat-Gun GS-1000 changes everything, you will never paint another vehicle again without neutralizing the static first.

The Stat Gun is the safest battery operated anti-static gun on the market. It is safe around flammable items and work efficiently to create the most beautiful finishes possible.

Check out the Stat Gun on our website with the Action Video

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